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Gas Pump Globes just on their own - A selection of glass art petrol globes with various designs and 2 sizes to choose from.

8" Gas Pump Mini Globes - Superb quality one piece opaline milk glass globes, with authentic Art Deco look. Fantastic piece of Reproduction Americana Gas Station collectible. The nice subtle size of the Glass globe makes for a great eye-catching piece of gas station ephemera.

Approx Measurements - 8 inch Diameter x Stands 9 inch Tall 

10" Gas Pump Large Globes - Again very similar to the above but on a grand scale, the larger globe has the same quality finish opaline milk glass and really looks well on display, offering a larger design in keeping with its size. 

Approx Measurements - 10 inch Diameter x Stands 11 inch Tall 

Displaying your Globe - The are numerous ways to make your globe stand out. Make your own choice on the different ways to show your globe and your collection. See the Display Stands collection page in the main menu. 



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